Monday, April 28, 2008

The day after

Well I enjoyed Draft Weekend. Mark and I sat around for two days watching the draft and talking smack. I was disappointed with the Texans Draft. I thought that they reached for Brown OT, when he probably would have been available in the 3rd round. The CB Moulden as their first pick of the 3rd round was horrible! I'd have never selected him. He played for EKyntucky against small school recievers and was only average. Yes he scored very high at the combine, but obviously he doesn't play with heart and is an underachiever. The third pick of Slaton is solid and I think he will be a stud with the zone blocking scheme they use and his acceleration to the hole. He will average 4 yards a carry and is a danger to go all the way everytime he touches the ball. The fourth pick of Okam is a good pick too.

I would have taken Cason CB with first pick, Manningham WR with second, and Choice or Slaton with third pick.

I was really surprised that no recievers made it in the top round of the draft. Jacksonville was on crack when they traded up to 8th, and took Harvey. That was a dumbshit move as he would have been available later in the draft. I think Houston did right to trade back in the first as it gave an extra 3rd round pick. I think Kansas City had the absolute best draft, and the Cowboys did pretty good as well.

Overall I give the Texans a C on this one. I disagree with ever drafting a tweener or a project in the first two rounds. That's the kind of stuff Casserly and Capers did, and we are still rebuilding from that fiasco. I love Kubiak and Smith, so I hope they know what they are doing. Slaton's a great pick. Brown and Moldon....suck!

If Brown can pick up the zone blocking and get mean, maybe he will be worth it. If Molden can convert to safety and play up to his abilities, then maybe he will be worth it. I think there were many better players on the board at the time of the picks. If the Texans really wanted a Tackle they should have stayed at 18 and taken Otah or Cherilus.

Oh well. Here is another video to enjoy:

Friday, April 25, 2008

My Favorite three Days of the Year

My favorite three days of the year (excluding Christmas)are the first day of the regular season of the NFL, the Superbowl, and the NFL Draft. These are like holidays to me. The past few years Mark Ramsey and I have sat on his couch, marked off draft picks, debated, cussed, ate dip, drank beer, and had a great time. This year is no different. I'm headed to Houston tonight, ready for our annual draft party.

I usually purchase 2 to 3 draft magazines, scour websites, and eventually make my own lists of top players at each position (its the Mel Kiper in me). Yeah I'm an NFL junkie, but I do love it.

Last years draft had alot of depth and some great players. I'd rate it a B for overall Class and talent. This year I'd be hard pressed to rate it a C-, but there are still some studs out there.

Best Quarterbacks of the draft are Brohm and Ryan, though Flacco might be okay. Ryan is tough and can take a hit, but he float his long passes. He'd be best in a west coast short passing attack. Flacco has the strongest arm, but seems to have trouble reading defensive coverages and often uses his arm to force the ball. With time and good coaching, he could be a starter.

There are two stud running backs: McFadden and Mendenhall. These guys are A- guys who could make a great difference on the right team. I'm hoping the Texans take Mendenhall with the 18th pick, but he may not be available then. I also like Ray Rice, he's a throwback that keeps his knees pumping and has the spirit of an Emmitt Smith. J. Stewart is big and solid, but I don't think he's aggressive enough, Mark disagrees. I also like Chris Johnson as a small, but awesomely fast 3rd down back. I think of an old friend, Mark Shapiro, saying, "He could score from there." Which would be from any location on the field.

Fullbacks are WEAK this year. The best being Hillis and Schmitt.

The Wide Recievers are deep this year, but I don't think they are as talented as the top guys last year. In order of preference, I like Kelly, Doucet, Caldwell, Jackson, and Sweed. These guys all go in the first and second round.

Tight Ends are also weak this year, but I love Bennett from A&M. Big, strong and athletic. Maybe 3rd or 4th round pick.

Offensive Tackles are the deepest I've ever seen. Jake Long, Clady, C. Williams, T. Hills, J. Otah, and Cherilus all go early. Hills has lots of upside only recently making the shift to tackle. Cherilus is huge and quick and could be a great left tackle. I like Cousins in later rounds as he is not great, but is versatile and can play any line position.

Offensive Guards are okay this year. Only Greco and maybe Murphy are worth a high pick. I like Greco because he can play Guard or Tackle and could start at either position. Murphy is still learning the position, so look for him to take a few years to develop. I like Crummy for his mean streak, as he makes up for lack of pure talent with lots of heart.
I don’t like McGlynn at all as he is a “tweener” and TWEENERS SUCK! Benedict is a good sleeper. If he overcomes injuries he could be the steal of the draft on the second day. I also like Hale.

Centers are very weak. Sullivan and Lichtenstieger are the only ones I’d take and not until the late 3rd or 4th rounds.

Defensive Ends are deep again, but still not as good as last year. Chris Long is a lock and probable perennial probowler IMHO. Next are Campbell, Merling, Jackson, Gholston, Harvey, Geathers, and Crhis Ellis. Whoever drafts Blake will regret it. He’s a bust waiting to happen.

Defensive Tackles has some talent this year with Dorsey being the head of the class. Ellis is also awesome and I’ve heard rumors of teams wanting to move up to take him over Dorsey! Sims is the only other one that should be taken in the 1st round. I also have my eye on Red Bryant from A&M. He is a sleeper pick and is one of my favorite guys. He’s from Jasper and has made several visits to our high schools. He’s just a classy good guy.

At Inside Linebacker I like Bell, Lofton, Mayo, Wheeler, and Butler. They are all good, but not great. At Outside Linebacker, only two are worth a 1st or 2nd round pick: Rivers and Groves. Hayes, Connor, and Henderson are good 3rd rounders.

At Cornerback, again this class is not as good as last years. Jenkins and McKelvin are awesome and worthy of a 1st round pick. Flowers, Smith, Cason, and Cromartie are worth 2nd rounders. I think King and Jackson could be steals on day 2.

At Safeties, I like Phillips in the 1st round, and Morgan in the mid to late 2nd. All others are projects that will need a few years to jell.

I hope the Texans take Mendenhall or McKelvin with their first pick. In the third they may still find some rough gems. I don’t expect much on the second day.

Texans need RB, CB, LT, S, OLB, and another DE. They won’t solve all these problems with this draft.

So…yeah, I’m an NFL freak. All other sports are just hobbies~!

Here is a clip of the Texans introduction piece played in Reliant Stadium on that famous first game of 2002 against the Cowboys. We won! I was there! Go Texans!